The Saigon Cigar Club

whiskies & cigars at Sorae
100% authentic, no exceptions.

We enjoy sharing our passion for cigars with fellow aficionados. That is why we started The Partners Club with private-access humidors exclusively for our Partners. All Partners also benefit by receiving 20% discount* on their entire bill at Sorae and The Saigon Cigar Club and 48-hour advanced notice for special events so they can pre-book to get their favourite table.

Moreover, Partners have access to our special Partner Access page where they can order full boxes of cigars at preferred rates and are also exclusively permitted to bring their own cigars in from outside.

The Partners Club is USD 900++ a year. Contact us via our web form or call Ms. Han, our Club Manager, at +84 90 242 6976.

* Discounts cannot be applied to promotional items, special offers, or packaged event days. Read our Terms and Conditions for details.